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Public Procurement Workshop: Practical checks and corrections
Public Procurement Workshop: Practical checks and corrections

Mon, 25 Nov


Rome, Italy

Public Procurement Workshop: Practical checks and corrections

This workshop navigates through procurement processes, selection and award criteria, intricate special conditions, contract modifications, emergency situations and best practices.

Time & Location

25 Nov 2024, 08:30 – 27 Nov 2024, 12:00

Rome, Italy


Public procurement constitutes an astonishing annual sum of €2 trillion, equivalent to 14% of the EU’s GDP. It serves as a crucial component in the functioning of the EU single market, seamlessly operating in the background when everything runs smoothly, but becoming noticeably distressing and headline-grabbing when issues arise.

Procurement extends beyond purchasing. It encompasses the evaluation of needs, formulation of requirements, thorough market analysis, and the engagement of the most suitable vendor based on well-defined criteria and intentions. Striking the right balance between cost and quality is pivotal in the discourse surrounding value-for-money (VFM), a critical concept applicable to both public and private investments.

This workshop spans two decades, meticulously crafted through the collective experiences of three esteemed procurement experts, led by Mr. Ray Bartolo. Serving as procurement consultants and managers for a spectrum of entities, including public health, environment, energy, education, agriculture, tourism, EU funds, water utilities, road infrastructure, internal security, and housing in Malta, the team draws upon real-life cases and personal anecdotes to offer an immersive insight into various procedures. This includes navigating intricate special conditions, addressing contract modifications, handling procurement in emergency response situations, and scrutinising the exhaustive "fine-print" associated with contracts, irrespective of their value.

Target audience

Public procurement practitioners, Government officials, Managing Authorities, First Level of Control Bodies, Intermediate Bodies, Certifying Authorities, Audit Authorities, Central Coordination Bodies, Methodology Departments, Central or Regional Ministries/Departments/Entities.

Course Agenda

  • 30 minutes

    Registration and distribution of training material

  • 45 minutes

    Introduction – Setting the objectives and expected outcomes

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