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Accredited Courses

We currently deliver one accredited course, consisting of four (4) ECTS and exit awards. 

Award in the Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Errors in EU-funded Programmes

EQF Level: Level 5
Total learning Hours: 100 hours


The full award consists of four modules, namely:
· Module 1: Award in the detection and treatment of irregularities in EU funded projects (1 ECTS)
· Module 2: Award in financial corrections on public procurement and financial instruments (1 ECTS)
· Module 3: Award in result orientation, verifications, evaluations for 2014-2020 (1 ECTS)
· Module 4: Award in the simplification of programming, payments, sampling and monitoring for 2021-27 (1 ECTS)


To complete the full Award, participants need to complete all four (4) modules.
However, each Module can be awarded separately for one (1) ECTS each.


Mode of Delivery: Traditional/Face-to-Face Learning
Mode of assessment: A selection of One-on-one and group assignment.

If you are interested to get to know more about our accredited Modules, sending us an email on

or give us a call on +356 9920 3328.

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