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Accredited Courses currently delivers one accredited course which consists of four (4) ECTS and exit awards. More details can be found here below.

Award in the Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Errors in EU-funded Programmes

EQF Level: Level 5
Total learning Hours: 100 hours


The full award consists of four modules, namely:
· Module 1: Award in the detection and treatment of irregularities in EU funded projects (ECTS 1)
· Module 2: Award in financial corrections on public procurement and financial instruments (ECTS 1)
· Module 3: Award in result orientation, verifications, evaluations for 2014-2020 (ECTS 1)
· Module 4: Award in the simplification of programming, payments, sampling and monitoring for 2021-27 (ECTS 1)


To complete the full Award, participants need to complete all four (4) modules.
Notwithstanding this, each Module can be awarded separately for one (1) ECTS each.


Mode of Delivery: Traditional/Face-to-Face Learning
Mode of assessment: A selection of One-on-one and group assignment


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